· Whereas the deed of trust is security of the debt, secured by the property, the promissory note is secured by the deed of trust, which is the evidence of the debt. The promissory note is a promise to pay, signed by the borrower in favor of the lender.

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A legal document by which the owner (i.e., the buyer) transfers to the lender an interest in real estate to secure the repayment of a debt, evidenced by a mortgage note. When the debt is repaid, the mortgage is discharged, and a satisfaction of mortgage is recorded with the register or recorder of deeds in the county where the mortgage was.

A mortgage, also known as mortgage loan or home loan, is a loan intended to purchase a property, usually a house. In a mortgage note templates & examples, the borrower is allowed to lend a certain amount of money from a lending company (e.g. bank) and the property he/she purchases with the money serves as a collateral.

the borrower is the obligor under a note secured by a mortgage. the note is the borrowers obligation. 8) should a borrowor fail to make payments when due, the lender May demand immediate payment of the entire balance under the terms of the? A. Prepayment clause.

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