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Brady himself pointed out, "We’ve got a very good defense this year. It’s hard to complete passes on our secondary. That’s.

Definition of a Complete Sentence. The predicate contains the main verb that either demonstrates the subject’s action or is linking the subject to another noun or adjective in the predicate (as in a linking verb). Not only does the predicate contain the verb, but it also contains complements, which are any words that modify or accompany the verb.

complete implies the removal of all deficiencies or a successful finishing of what has been undertaken. the resolving of this last issue completes the agreement terminate implies the setting of a limit in time or space.

Synonyms: complete, finish, close, end, conclude, terminate These verbs mean to bring to a natural or proper stopping point. complete and finish suggest the final stage in an undertaking: "Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime" (Reinhold Niebuhr).

Need to translate "complete" to Latin? Here are 43 ways to say it.

It takes time for the uterus to empty and for the abortion to be complete. It is normal for the bleeding and clotting to continue for 1-3 weeks or even longer.

If X is a topological space and M is a complete metric space, then the set C b (X, M) consisting of all continuous bounded functions f from X to M is a closed subspace of B(X, M) and hence also complete. The Baire category theorem says that every complete metric space is a Baire space.

Complete is kind of a tricky word to describe a task, because that word implies that a task can reach a pre-defined end state that meets certain conditions or criteria. But in programming, a task is usually much simpler than that. A task doesn’t usually have any end state beyond that it ran OK or didn’t run OK.

complete definition: The definition of complete is someone or something that is finished or whole and that is not missing anything or any parts. (adjective) An example of complete is a finished puzzle that has all 100 pieces..

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